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Work in Progress

I'm not one to keep up with the latest fad

I don't think I ever have

I've never been fashionable, on trend on point

Heck, I even dance like a dad

I couldn't tell you who's topping the charts

Or how on earth influencers came to pass

All they seem to do in my book is smile and pout

Tell you what to wear or think, are they having a laugh?

In my day the only thing which influenced me

Was the Friday night alcohol too blurry to see

Hiccups on the way home from the pub

Chilli sauce on my kebab too fiery for me

The only Tik tok I ever knew

Came from my grandmother's front room

On the wall from a cuckoo clock

Sitting proudly high above I really wanted one too

The only X and a Box I ever saw was in a game of noughts and crosses

Or playing Battleships on a paper pad

Aircraft carrier sunk again, I'd sulk for my battle fleet losses

Out of sight of my parents

I'd go out to play away from home

I could have been abducted by aliens

I didn't even have a phone

Whisked away to far flung galaxies

I think they had those way back when

Not the Starbursts kids have today

And I'm sure Wham bars were much bigger then!

Or is it I've just got bigger now?

And greyer on me bonce

Or am I too fussy now?

Spotting each and every nuance?

In my head I'm still a teenage rebel

Not even sure I had a cause

To my kids now I'm so old and creaky

Do men have a menopause?

So here I stand but mostly sit

At a crossroads I must confess

I was started nearly five decades ago

And am still, a work in progress


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