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Words Unsaid

Not an unintelligent mind

But why so easily undermined?

By my own mutiny intertwined

Throughout my thoughts they run and hide

In forgotten rooms they look through door ajar

Waiting silently behind doors inside my head

Waiting patiently for me to pass by

Add to that tangible sense of dread

Words unsaid unspoken unformed

Tiptoe over broken shards of memories

Left scattered and blown in the wind

To where I do not know, my eyes don't see

Frustration builds inside my head

A battle rages with words unsaid

Consonants and vowels, left unread

Don't want confrontation, keep quiet instead

Catastrophes play out in my empty cinema hall

I'm the star of this B class movie, it's shockingly cruel

The names of the credits I leave unread

All because of my words unsaid.


Photo by Dmitry Demidov from Pexels

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