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Wealth n Health

I ain't rich by any stretch of the imagination

I emerged into a decade of strikes fights

Violence degeneration..

Not part of the selfie taking

I'm a brand

Look at my threads

Get rich quick

Sell my soul generation..

Loose change rattles like a smokers cough in my pocket

Frayed holes, coins drop and fall through

Roll across the floor down the drain

Nothing I can do to stop it..

Rich or poor we walk the same floors

Through my eyes we all share humanities flaws..

Mine pointed out to me in days gone by

Academically disabled by the enabled who turned their heads with their blind eyes..

Buy me a drink and I'll recall how I should have been better

I'll add another chink in the armour as I spill it along with my guts to who sits before me

As I perceive my self failure in the eyes of a pedestal sitting go getter..

Echoes of voices linger deserted hallways

Fool for not trying harder at school

Hide academic failures by playing the fool

Lost at sea drowning in mediocrity

I could blame the system, mostly me, or maybe inequity..

On the back burner along with belief in myself

Not destined to be a big earner

Just a slave to the gut churning trauma

Silently stealing my health..

You can wave your banner like a fool

Money doesn't make you sexy funny or cool

Pipe down you spanner, you tool.

Too much to shout about, tighten your nuts

You see..

I don't give many, and I'll give you a clue

I won't lower the tone with profanities

But it rhymes with ducks..

No, I'm not rich in monetary terms

Wallet not overflowing with notes

I'd rather be poor and loved

With a heart full of eternal hope..

I'm wealthy from my advocacy of dragging and screaming to the forefront..

Blessed by those closest to me, stick by me even though at times..

They bear the brunt..

Bringing to your attention..

I'm just gonna mention

That my mental health ain't always healthy

But I'm still here, loved by God and some

For me, that equation equals wealthy.

Add it all up and what do I get once I've used my neuron agitator calculator?

Well, you be the judge..


I'll try be the best I can

A positivity accumulator.


Photo Credit: Pinterest @europeana

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