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Foreword: My first piece of 2021. How if I live by faith and trust, God will by his love and promise walk with me.

Trust is a must

To prevent against the rust

Of my mechanical lust

To believe I am unjust..

The cogs they clink and turn

Fall back into the Will I ever learn?

That if to negativity I turn

The positive will just end up spurned..

To me he's obtusely blatant

Thinking he's not known by his fake smile.. Satan..

He crawls around in dark dank spaces

Tries to trip me up on past sins untied laces..

But what he fails to realise

Is they're fully open now, my eyes

Clear to seek, and see the lies

With God's love, no compromise..

The scales are peeled away

For I won't stand in my own way

For my strength in him lays

For all of my days..

You see trust is a must

To cure and prevent that rust

To smooth the mechanical so much

To accept I am just..

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

Photo by Inna Lesyk from Pexels

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