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Stampeding footsteps echo in these rooms

Imagination running riot

Deafening sounds reverberate wash over me

All I need is the sound of serenity, quiet

Crystal raindrops opaque on glass

Distort the feelings I feel behind this teardrop mask

I strain to see beyond the rain-soaked pane

Imagination to tame, I want to see clearly again

Feelings leave behind a familiar scent

Like a lover once known, returned to remind me of places we used to frequent

Drifting on consciousness tides

There like a distant familiar memory

Left on my sands of time

Outlines of familiarity past, reflections of me

There in the sands an imprint of me lies

An imprint of my soul bared to passers by

There I am, I never left, despite my own minds lies. There I am.

©lyricallifebydg2021 Dom Giddy.

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