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The Darkness.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: I think, and hope we are now in a time where mental health is more in the public psyche. I make no secret of having my own dark times with depression. For me, I go through a stage of knowing something doesn't feel right. This tends to lead into the depression. During the depressed state, my mind can go one of two ways. It will be very lethargic or go at a million miles an hour. It is during the latter stage that I tend to find creativity. This piece is about knowing that at times, depression feels as though it is only a few steps behind me.

The darkness is catching up on me I feel its breath apon my shoulder Deep within the depths of me Following as I grow older..

It's bony hands with flesh of leather I feel Wrap themselves around my neck My happiness unimportant now My senses are a wreck..

It drops me to my knees Then hauls me up to taunt It does with me just what it wants It's own cruel needs they haunt..

Escape I hope that sleep will bring To hide and not be sought But when the waking hour comes Mind back to its default..

A crushing numbness in my head It seems to want to stay The only way to deal for me To scream aloud and pray..

Despite my fears awash on me This flood will soon recede No longer a slave I want to be As on my knees I plead...

To let me go and let me be Please find another soul You've had your time for far too long Time to release your hold... (©) Dom Giddy 2020

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