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The Challenge Here is Me.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: Written about how my mind, my own self doubts can take over my thought patterns. How my recent health issues seem determined to define me. How I fight against this self imposed belief and how I know that God is fully aware what is happening to me. About how I should embrace the way I've been made and not be ashamed or embarrassed about my faults and failings. More that I try to embrace them, and learn from them.

The challenge here is me

In my mind and how I see

One day I'm present 

My mind the deterrent 

To stop my own happy..

The challenge here is me

In my mind and how to free

Myself from these shackles 

Myself from these chains

To find me the key to these pains..

The challenge here is me

In my mind and how I see

The way you could see

How at times I see me

And would you still want to know me?

The challenge here is me 

In my mind and how it traps me 

In a landscape of circles

As downwards I hurtle

Into a chasm of uncertainty..

The challenge here is me 

As my mind tries to overturn me 

Like a boat in perfect storm 

With its sails ripped and torn

The waves overwhelm and drown me..

I know you know the challenge is me

And you remind my mind it's not me

I'm not mentally broken 

Just emotions too open

As perfect I try to be.

(©) Lyrical Life DG 2020

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1 Comment

Gisele Andrade
Gisele Andrade
Aug 20, 2020

Emotions are challenging. God created our emotions and life wouldn't be the same without them. Ywe are unique.

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