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The Bout of Self Doubt

Foreword: Written imagining self doubt as an opponent in a boxing match.

Ding ding! Round one

The bell tolls it's chime

Opposite me, dancing gloved up

Self doubt staring smirking, pumped up

Mocking, saliva spittle flies

Mouths it's time

We both cautiously advance forward

Into a dance of to and fro

Encircle each other in hatred

With exploratory jabs

Self doubt starts to probe

Looking for a weakness

My self confidence he aims to dent

With body blows left and right

I switch from southpaw to orthodox

To throw self doubt off my doubting scent

Dance forward, dance backwards

I dance from side to side

Don't see his jab combination and right hook

First blood to self doubt, bruised is my pride

Ding ding. Round one is over

I slump onto the stool

My corner, holler, berate me

Self doubts' taking you for a fool.

Ding ding, round two

The bell tolls it's chime

Round three, four through to eight

Left hook, I'm done, I'm down

Blood on canvas reflects my face

Not his blood but mine

Self doubt in neutral corner mocks, he waits

With arrogant swagger he counts time

Ding ding, last time, last chime

Damn bell signals that it's over

Self doubt knock out, this time

I'm done I'm down, maybe?

But I'll tell you this for free,

I stand tall and scream in self doubts face

I'm still a life lover.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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