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The Battle.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: I wrote this piece as a response to my own racing mind about how the world around me can at times be in conflict with my Christian faith. And how it makes me examine my own self, and my actions, words, thoughts etc.

The battle is with me, Not with him Flames they burn  Deeper down within.. Embers kicked  Sparks take flight Disrupt the darkness Erupt into light.. Scorches and burns me Sparks reaching higher Warmth upon my face Smouldering desire.. To do the right thing To think the right way Who am I trying to be? Each and every day.. Am I me for me? Or am I me for you? True to myself? True to who? Try to please those  Who don't really care Twisted and turned thoughts  Rise into the air.. But one thing remains  Amongst it all My faith in you My faith is all. (©) Lyrical Life DG 2020

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