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That Key

Foreword: Written before I knew what was to come. A significant (for me at least) dip in my mental health resulting in an episode of stratospheric anxiety requiring the assistance of professional mental health services.

Kind of feeling half empty

When in reality my glass should be half full

To look around and see what's in my life

Some could say what an ungrateful fool

A wife and family who love me

Who I love back with all my being

A sunny day, a blue sky

Days like this were made for living

So why does my brain confuse me?

And fill me with an unusual foreboding?

A feeling washes over me

Salty water on a wreck corroding

These eyes that saw try their best to unsee

Yet my mind refuses to collaborate

Juxtaposition of my body and mind

Hurricane of thoughts reverberate

So much more could be worse I know

I may get lost in the storm of life's sea

But despite the chains inside my mind

I'll keep searching for that key

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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