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Take A Butchers

Injustices I've perceived

I've had to rub my eyes

For them to be seen

Comprehended, just to be believed

Going through the motions

Noiseless sound on deaf ears

Hollow notions

Movement of my mouth, nothing coming out

It's all gone south...Of the river

I stand on its bank and shiver

As the very thought of my never ending

Brain bending lack of comprehending

Shouts and begs me come hither

Take a butchers at myself in every mirror

Don't hesitate procrastinate ruminate and dither

I've carved enough of me with self sabotaging words

Say this and that to please the faceless shapes

Time to break out of this manic herd

Take a look at who I am right now

Know I'm not some sacred cow

For you to shape or mould

Push aside, leave out in the cold

Blow away like a house of cards

Fall collapse and fold

Every sunrise I aim to try my best

I can't control what you think, your perception of me

Or if you even detest

I'm slowly learning through the burning of my insecurities

As I stoke up the fire my desire to be liked by you becomes less and less

I am who I am

Imperfect in every way

Mistakes with flaws and chaos

Have got me here today

So take me as you find me

It's OK if I ain't your cup of tea

If I ain't man enough or tough enough

I guess it says more about you than me...probably

So I take a butchers at myself in every mirror

Cut myself a slice of 'give me a break' pie

Don't hesitate procrastinate ruminate or dither

Cut myself a little slack, If I'm feeling generous

Perhaps a tiny slither.


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