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Syrias Child.

Foreword: I recently saw a documentary on Syria and how it's people are affected by conflict and a President Bashar al-Assad who seems not to care at all, with an ongoing civil war raging, innocent people are being killed. During one scene I saw a little Syrian girl who had incredibly big dark eyes, who was bleeding from her head and face. The scene in the documentary with her in it was fleeting, however, her eyes and look of hopelessness had a profound effect on me. I wrote this in response.

Blood seeping through her hair Lost and sunken eyes Not close her eyes, she would not dare Rather keep them open show despair

Dark the eyes Consumed, despise Sparkle gone The hate for those, hope undone

Lost look, she stares Beyond the lens That dares look in her soul Searching for her love once held A life she now pretends

Strangers come from foreign lands To tell her story to the world Syrias child knows not why Held out to her unknown hands

Rubble and smoke fill her life The dust a second skin Horror and terror, twists and turns Screams cut like a knife within

Strangers back to foreign lands Pick up carry on their plans Rubble, dust, screams left behind Syrias child left with bloodied hands

Will they come to tell her story again Or were the blood and tears in vain? Syrias child left to cry In a country left to die

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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