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Summer Reflections.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: This is my take how reflections do not always reflect back the obvious to the observer. Let me explain. I can smile at someone but be torn apart inside. They see the smile outwardly, however not the truth. I was inspired to write this as earlier in the day, I was sitting outside at my glass topped table. The reflection was of the beautiful blue sky, white clouds and parasol above me. I took a photograph of this image to capture this moment in time. At the same time realising that the bright and beautiful image of the sky above does not reflect my mood, only for me, magnifying the complete opposite.

Summer reflections look back at me Asking my soul Where should I be?

Deep into my eyes

They delve and seek Search for the answers I've yet to meet..

Daydream and stare, with numb mind gone Off on a wander Blinded by sun..

Burning away and moulding my thoughts Of daydreams and no answers Come again to haunt..

Stuck in this space with no obvious exit Spinning infinitely Only because I let it..

Easier to be it seems caught in this trap Of summer reflections Mesmerising as I sat..

Pondering where, how, when and why me? Sometimes I want to dissolve Get blown away by breeze be free..

Stuck like a needle caught in the groove Of my life record convincing me I've something to prove?

To who? Mainly me Is my biggest distraction As I sit and look at summer reflections..

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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