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Stand, Be Me.

Foreword: On a mammoth walk along a coastal cliff path with my family in Pembrokeshire, we find a tiny beach to rest for a while. Whilst the kids played on the beach, I wrote this.

Breeze roaring past my ears Waves crashing On shoreline near

Stones for skimming On glistening tops

Sandy wet feet Laughing lots

Our own adventure Deserted beach we find Breeze blows all my worries behind

Mesmerising sound of tide in and out Only disturbed by occasional shout

Of laughter and love as siblings play On sandy surface feet run On this most stunning of days

Sweet salt air blows in from afar Brings melancholy memories Of lost loved ones Memory door ajar

Come flooding back Like the tides of the sea

As I stand here listening Just stand here Be me.

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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