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Slipped Beneath the Surface

Foreword: I wrote this whilst thinking about friendships lost. People I was once good friends with. People I've engaged with. People I'd built up a rapport with and started to develop a friendship with. And then for not always obvious reasons, realise what I thought was there has slipped beneath the surface.

Slipped beneath the surface

A connection I thought we had

Keel left snapped and splintered

Good vibes sunk, turned to bad..

Slipped beneath the surface

Drifting down into the cold

Friendships lost in the sea of life

Leave me to wonder until I'm old..

Slipped beneath the surface

Another relationship wreck to ponder

Lost along the tides of time

Drift alone with time to wander..

Slipped beneath the surface

Echoes of laughter dulled by currents

That song sent shivers down my spine

At least I had that moment..

Slipped beneath the surface

Scuttled on an unknown reef

Friendship doomed on maiden voyage

I'd hoped one day we'd meet..

Slipped beneath the surface

I guess I'm way out of sight

Beyond the pull of your emotional tide

Was I ever right?

Slipped beneath the surface

Above me waves languish on

Memories shadows linger way above

Disappeared, blotted out..gone.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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