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Sick of Being Sick.

Foreword: I have been suffering for the last 2 and a half years from migraines, complete with a visual aura, leading to lost vision, and subsequently a nasty head. I feel like I have spent the last what seems like forever being ill. And to top it all off, I have recently come down with the winter lurgy. I was that miffed, it inspired me to write this.

Here I sit another day Fallen by the wayside It seems to me No other way

It wants to kick my backside

I didn't choose this route Don't want this road As a regular commute Would rather be obscure and well Wear the boot on the other foot

To join the migraine free Be normal again Ailments please go let me be I'm 45 not nearly 90 Don't want this to define me

It seems once one passes The universe determined To keep me from well masses I'm really getting awfully bored Of how slowly this time passes

As if to mock me To take the michael I end up with a nasty throat It wants to rock me In this vicious cycle

Please stop rocking my boat

Please don't sink me Please relieve me From this pointless storm Waiting for it to blow over I don't want this to be my norm

Heavy clouds above me linger Like a storm filled day Would it be rude to show it the finger Can you see another way?

So there it is It takes the mick As and when it pleases This illness lark I hope it eases As I'm sick of being sick.

(©) Dom Giddy 2018

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