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Shadows Dappled & Dance.

Foreword: Simply about the beauty of a summers day spent on a beach with people I love and how what I see makes me feel.

The shadows of light Dance on water above The foam dances As I hear laughter I love.

Shadows dappled and dance on the sand Breeze ruffles salty hair Tide in and out like a hand

Take me away to horizon On summers day Exhale summer breath It takes me away

Washes away over white topped waves Into dreams I fly On hazy summer days

Left to settle Like sandcastles abandoned Trodden patterns of pathways Walked across and around on

The sands left to blow Along and away from The dreams and the memories On and beyond my horizon

The shadows which danced Getting longer and lower Stretching out beyond me Beauty I witness by chance

Of my world around me The simplest of things Of light dappled dances Sparkling diamonds light sings.

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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