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Self Doubt Movers & Shakers

Rumination my stagnation

As it grips around my throat

Ever tighter, head becomes lighter

Lack of reason grins, starts to choke

Overfilled with overthinking

Oxygen takes its leave

Brain is whirring lungs are burning

Chest of panic begins to heave

It's only a moment, only a thought

One of a million more to come

You've been here before, you'll be here again

Just as sure as the setting sun

Numbness of nothing, confusion to feel

Of a familiar distant déjà vu

A feeling of emptiness, of cavernous voids

Mirrored disdainful sneers looking back at you

Believe the self haters, self doubt movers and shakers

As they gather in crowds surrounding my head

Rumination stagnation overthinking confrontation

The dust settles, understanding left for dead.


Photo courtesy of Pexels

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