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Rise & Fall.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword - Love is an extraordinary emotion. It comes from the heart some say. In part, I believe this is true, however, I believe it comes from far deeper within our being. From the depths of our soul, sometimes difficult to express in words. Here is my take on the love I have for my wife.

The rise and fall Of my breath I see When you hold me near

Entwined as one with me Shared the embrace of life with me Of that I have no doubt, nor any fear.

You are the rock and staff for me The strength, one loving voice I hear.

The path of life you've walked with me True guide, forever by my side We've run this race as one to be Eternally unified.

Listener, lover, we're walking on Hope eternal dwells Understand you do, give me hope that's true Inferno burns, and swells.

And on I go along this path Many scars form along the way Never abandoned I feel Your promise so real On that beautiful blue skied day

The years roll on by For you and I Each day, every hour, each minute

Your words said in May Never really faded away The love of your soul I found, in a whirl I am Utterly amazed.

Rest assured I find Peace and solace won't hide Allows me to love you as I do A wanderlust for you, an addiction to you Our love, unique, one of a kind.

Your promise to me Staying so true to me From this You never have wavered

Many storms we have weathered Together we remain tethered Holding on for all that we're worth

Stormy seas become calm Wrapped in your arms I often wonder why Racing clouds always clear Leaving me here to Know now, were never a lie

Our years go by so fleeting Since that first meeting Then, now and still to this day I love you beyond In you I'm beyond fond To you I belong so completely.

(©) Dom Giddy 2018

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