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Rest Be Still and See.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: Wind and storms, I think by their very nature are quite chaotic. My mind feels like a  storm a lot of the time. Chaos in my mind, finding it difficult to string a line of thoughts together that make sense. This piece is my take on feeling like this, pushing depression back. But also looking at it from a Christian faith perspective too, remembering Gods grace, and resting in him.

The wind blows so cold past my skull Disrupts my world Freezes my soul..

The wind it whips up and out of reach The words I need To make sense of this search..

The wind howls through alleyways of mind Scatters any meaning I was hoping to find..

The wind it strikes like a rabid beast Tears at the mind Breaching my peace..

The wind it blows doubts in my face Hear the wind say loser You'll never win this race..

The wind it whispers louder than you'll ever know So why is it only me who hears it? Telling me to go..

To the edge of precipice and take a look Into the eye of a storm Find my page in lifes book..

Only to find the page is torn and tattered Like a mirror of myself Bruised and battered..

Look closer, more pages yet to see Waiting to be turned Discover what's in store for me..

Despite in front of me stands a wall of fear Knowing you know me Even when I can't hear..

Your voice of grace saying rest in me Cast anxiety on me Rest, be still and see.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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