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Reborn to The Light.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword - This piece is my take on the effects of depression, and as a sufferer myself, how I see my depressed brain being constantly at war with my well brain. Here I attempt to expIain that journey in verse. I imagine and liken it to sitting on a dark shore, and once consumed, my imagination takes hold in a bid to escape reality, with my eventual return to reality, being reborn to the light.

Blackness of ink stretching out before me Mysterious depths whispering to me.

Distant horizon glitters Pinpricks of light. Drawing me in Unable to fight.

Call from afar, my senses to hone Shimmering, powerful and moving alone Forces so powerful I can't understand Nature's clawing fingers Scrape over the land.

Breeze blows inwards towards me Rushing and dancing In this confusion, nought occurs easily Caressing my skin it does Throughout my soul Nature searching and hunting A sacrifice consumed to thee.

Senses awakened By the truth of this world All that is good Tossed and hurled.

By the waves of the truth They batter my shore The desperate reality It smirks so aloof.

It comes screaming in Dark phantom for a fight This shore to me so slippery Fly I want, back to the light.

Letting it consume me Hoping to take me away Far from my mind, to places unknown Scrabbling onto anything To feel less alone.

Fleeing and floating The rhythm beats me back Spinning and twisting Confusion to linger in flight.

I hear those soft whispers Below and down to my world Hope and love for me Like a flag unfurled.

Towards the warmth I fall Life inside me stirs Falling and spinning I call Cast away the hurt.

Back in reality I am No longer wanting to fight Tired, exhausted I ran Reborn to the light.

(©) Dom Giddy 2018

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