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Razor Sharp

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Foreword: Simply written about the lack of contact from people over the years, and how at times, suddenly all contact is lost.

Razor sharp is your silence

You casually throw my way

Akin to blades imparted

Pierce my being. What did I say?

I examine our interactions

To search out my faults

Cannot find obvious reasons

For our communication halts..

Am I too overbearing?

Or an annoyance to you?

I guess it must be me

The unfunny clown or am I too much a fool?

My outer layers taken

Unwrapped like a bitter sweet

Purpose served torn away

Like discarded litter on the street..

I wonder what it's like

To see me through your eyes?

Do you get bored so easily?

To only then despise?

For I know that it's crazy

To default position think this way

It can't always be me

Who runs out of things to say..

I've damn well had enough

The one whose reaching out

The one always making the effort

As careless with my mind you flout..

There's a place inside my mind

Where I'm desperate not to be cruel

It tries so hard to hope it's true

You don't get taken for a fool.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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