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Foreword: Whilst still on the mountain trek of recovery from a recent mental health crisis, I thought it pertinent to also record the times when the feelings of positivity overrule the negativity war within my brain.

Po si ti vi ty more recently

On certain days

Has taken leave from me

Thought it wise to run and hide you see

But more re cen tly

I have tried

Not to be blind, open my eyes to find

I have a choice to decide, define who is me

To grab the

Po and Si

Mash it with the Ti and Vi

Scrabble high for the T and the Y

Wiggle it and jiggle it

Stir it and shake it

Just enough to feel it

Alive to love it, not to hate it

I deserve to be here

Despite all of my faults

And all my impurities

Are not where I halt

I forgot to see how I was fearfully made

I forgot to see me, I let the sunlight fade

But the beautiful fact about a new dawning day

Is I get to see me, and I'm made this way.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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