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Pointless Journey.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: This piece is about being bullied. Particularly written about the bullying within a school environment. Although a bully is a bully, wherever it takes place. I have no time for bullies or their pathetic ways. It makes me angry as they rely on fear and their perception of weakness. I have written this out of pure frustration due to someone very close to me being bullied.

Consistent incessant tap tap away you do Drip drip every day Like a bloody wound You do

As you search for his integrity to slay

Continual white noise In his ear you are Thinking you're hard Clever and tough, cowardly from afar

Surrounded by your like minded fools Giving you strength as you mock Following you around Like bullying sheep in your flock

But where would you be? Were he to strike back? With full pent up anger

Belittled you, as he once was

Finally free from your trap

Of words, and digs Are your daily bread

Your first mistake to perceive weakness 

Instilling the fear and daily dread Is exactly how you are fed

Be careful you bully It's not clever you see Continual harassing It's not clever to tease

Patiently he waits Biding his time Don't push him too far Or he'll kick your behind

Stoop to your level I doubt he will Much the better man than you He doesn't need the thrill

Of belittling others To make him seem big Love the world he does He has it within 

One day bully you'll see your mistake By thinking you're tough Carry on pointless journey Of others feelings you take

But you won't hold them You're far too weak If you carry on like this Your future is bleak...

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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