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Please Stop the World.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: I've had quite a good day today pain and tingling limb wise. That was until 03.23am. I can't sleep and laying down makes it worse. So what do you do? For me, I write! The only downside I guess is at 03.23am my mind is alive and whirring like an out of control machine. I think about people in my past I once called friends, I think about how my life has got to this stage. I think about what my future holds.I think about how I perceive myself as a husband and father. I think about my faith in God, and despite me being a failing human being with human doubts, I always come back to faith.

So here I am at 03.23

Awake again alone with me..

My tingling limbs and brain wide awake

It continues on as my resolve it tries to break..

I don't know why my life has brought me here..

With a future unknown, in creeps the fear..

My mind playing tricks in my head make me think

People forget me as swift as a blink..

Over working thoughts of people in the past

You think they care but disappear so fast..

The rain on the pane beats a hypnotic beat

As the pain in me trickles on, never wanting to leave..

My faith gives me hope but doesn't make me immune

To the ongoing anguish of this familiar tune..

But trust is all I have amongst all of the chaos

Of hope and then doubt, my daily stand off..

With truth and the lies in my mind now at deadlock

Please stop the world I just want to get off..

But with your promise and love for a lost soul like me

I cling on so tightly to help set me free..

From all of my demons rioting in cathedral like mind

I turn to you again for your peace to find.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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