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Plastic Soup.

Foreword: Seeing more posts on social media, the news, regarding the devastating effects of plastic pollution on our environment and wildlife makes me want to highlight it in any way I can.

Plastic for a plastic generation Pollutes our oceans The scurge of nations

Use, lose, throw gone and forgotten Out of sight Float away, new home The ocean

Sharing space with bird, fish the sea In their home invades Creatures no longer free

Swirling around in never ending cauldron Of plastic pollution We all have a fault for

Stagnant it floats And unseen it sinks To the depths so dark Our world on the brink

Overtaken by greed The convenient world Once used forgotten Into the ocean hurled

Toxic mix of ignorance floats around More interested in ourselves To notice we've run aground

Upon a tidal wave of pollution A toxic soup of despair This world I live in Are we too busy to care?

Our beautiful world Straining under the weight Innocent creatures Do we hate?

To fill up the ocean, rivers and seas With items we've forgotten No longer for me

To change we must With a passion so strong To stop these habits Before it's all gone...

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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