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Pain in Me.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: This piece is written about physical pain. In particular my own physical pain. Whether it is upper spinal pain, and the side effects of this, to migraines and double vision or shooting pains in my limbs. Yes it is affecting my quality of life at the relatively young age of 47. Which in the grand scheme of the world isn't particularly ancient. Despite feeling it on some days! Yes, it gets me down, yes I feel useless because of it. And yes, I worry why. I worry if the medical profession can provide any answers or cure. I don't know why now at this period of my life, the reason for this happening. I also know that despite what is happening in this period of my life physically, I am blessed to have loving and supportive family and friends around me, when so many people in the world don't. But I have to trust God knows, and whatever the outcome..he will see me through.

Pain in me is consistently consistent 

Early hours, or middle of day

It won't let me be

Annoyingly constant ..

Atop the track of my spine

Or inner canal of my ear

Tingles and pins

Never far always near..

Shooting stabs in my limbs

From one day to the next

It's really a struggle some days

To smile and not be too vexed..

Another day dawns

Another day in

I really do feel 

I belong in the bin..

One AM

Twio AM

And then onto three

Just for once pain can you please let me be?

Yes it ain't great 

True it ain't good

Sometimes gets me down

Not always a win, some days you lose..

But see it as a part of my unique tapestry 

Of my life as it is

In this moment right now

My pain affecting me..

In him I trust

For a reason to this

Emerge to the clearing

In the midst of this mist..

Learn from this journey 

Seek how this experience may teach me

For I trust in your word

That you'll never abandon me.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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