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Our Tin Foil Heart

Foreword: Inspired by a tin foil heart my daughter made for me.

Your tin foil heart

You shaped and made for me

Honed with tiny hands

With love you say remember me

Innocently you crafted

Delicate fingers bent it into shape

Loving eyes looked up at me

As into my soul you traip

In your world and mind I'm everything

An infallible superhero incapable of wrong

A burden so heavy on my shoulders

In reality a failing lullaby, a fading song

I cannot let you see me

When my mind and soul are broken

For me as I am in these moments

I cannot find the words which must be spoken

Indescribable moments of absence

As my mind decides to take it's leave

I cry out to my God and silently out to you

When I find it hard to breathe

I want you to know I'm not perfect

I want you to know you are to me

I always want you to know I love you

Whatever becomes of me

For my darling I'm just a man

With many faults and many failings too

But one thing I know for certain

Our tin foil heart belongs to only me and you.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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