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Our Planet, Your Words.

Foreword: Politicians, past and present all seem to promise the world and deliver a back yard! Only seeing what is front of them, and not the bigger picture. It's how I see it anyway. If they don't wake up and see what's going on with our beautiful planet, their promises and politics are very much like a blunt pencil....pointless.

Blair or Brown, Boris or May All of them clueless Lost their way

Puppets to Trump, Bush, Obama, the States Eager to please before it's too late

EU is it the place they wish to be? Some do, some don't. Know not even their fate

Does anyone know? Heck, not me

Power hungry is all they are Climate change, planet destruction On their agenda, not so far

They pretend it is To keep the masses quiet

Nodding heads in Parliament Prevent that riot

Will they ever listen Know the voters will

To do what's expected of them To know what's real

Take a stand for our future Younger generations look on

Revolution coming You bet it will

Bubbling under the surface Not just Earths temperatures rising The movement of many No longer in hiding

So Mr Johnson, Mr Trump and the rest Do the politics matter? See the masses detest

Don't you think our planet comes first? You see, your politics won't help This crumbling world All your words won't mend the hurt

When the planet is dead Long gone and forgotten Policies mulched down All festered and rotten

So wake up you leaders All around our world

This planet is dying All shrivelled and curled

Our one and only, all our homes We will no longer have If you continuously think You can ignore the moans....

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