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Another year older

Am I any bolder?

The warmth of those childhood days

Much further away now

Somehow still glow, if not a little colder


Sure a bucket load and more I've made

Probably a loaded skip more to come

But I'll stick on my big boy pants..

Bite the bullet be brave!

Another 12 I've been granted

I've not gone past my stay

More experiences to have

Add a bit more grey

On a man they say It's distinguished

A silver fox if you like

I just think it's a load of garbage

Think, have a giraffe..on yer bike

So 4 decades and add on 9

Is where the digits fall for me

Another trip around the sun


If life has taught me anything

As I navigate it's highways

I need to be a bit more Frank Sinatra

And do a lot more way


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