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Not Always Rain.

Foreword: This piece is simply about how a rainy day stirs my mind, especially when I'm extremely tired after a disturbed nights sleep. Also how being on my own after a weekend with my family. All sorts of emotions stir, missing lost loved ones too.

The rain it falls Incessant rhythm beats Falling like tears I'm into retreat

Skies thick grey soup Above me stretching Just need to sit here thinking Feel protected

Days gone by Rain drops sounded so romantic Older now Life seems so frantic

Chaotic rivers run down before my eyes Each one racing Like inconsistent sea tides

I sit here and listen To hypnotic drops fall Each one runs like a memory I can't remember them all

Mini streams flow by Like my life passing through Grey days Stir up memories of you

I sit here and listen I sit here and look Watching the rain Blot the pages of life's book

My chaotic mind It tries to bind I'm sitting here trying Not to feel so tired

So I wait for the sunshine To shine on my lot Remember, be grateful For all that I've got

For I know the warmth Will come again Lift me, remind me It's not always rain...

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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