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Not Alone

A traveller of distance I am

From over there to here

Somehow along the way a monkey on my back appeared

Grinning, yet so insincere

Tapping at my skull

Pinching at my skin

Scratching at my face

Whispering just let me in

Thirsting on my tears

Feasting on my pain

Monkey see monkey do

This monkey knows my name

Wrapped tightly around my shoulders

Like a once in a lifetime deal

Only this one I never signed up for

This one's so incredibly surreal

Trying to grab a piece of me

With every waking minute

Incessantly hanging on and on

Determined to push me to my limit

Sees the toil, speaks the trouble

Scream is pure primeval

Swings from my emotions without a care

Monkey messes with my brain it's practically medieval

One aspect stupid monkey didn't count on

Stupid monkey didn't think of

This dude ain't going nowhere fast

This dude is carrying on

He thought he had me every day

Leathery fingers under skin and bone

Wide eyed he suddenly realises

I have you, I'm not Alone


Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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