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Non Sense?

Foreword: The aftermath of so much chaotic thinking, who knows? However, I did have these words flying around my head. Not necessarily making any sense.

There's words in my head today

Not making any sense

Not mentally driven by pain

Not seeking recompense

Rushing around chaotic alleys

Criss crossing to and fro

One way street signs turned to dust

A barrel of sense a fiery glow

The phrases lost in hazes

On distant plains horizons

Letters, stanzas, commas

Phoenix too cold for rising

All these words are bouncing

Left and right inside my skull

Sense long gone and left me

Contract of meaning long annulled

But the rhythm of the rhyme

The rhythm and the clicks

Ordering of poetic words

Is how I get my kicks

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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