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No Other Love.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: This piece is about my childhood memories of lazy Sunday afternoons. I was brought up listening to lots of different recording artists. From Leo Sayer, Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, to Barbara Striesand amongst many others. Our family Sundays following lunch were usually spent listening to music. My mum and dad singing along to the albums they so loved. I would usually be found drawing or writing a story, and my brother would be reading or drawing too. This is my take on those memories for me.

Sitting here listening to Leo

Paul, Neil and the rest

Youthful memories flood my mind 

Those days really were the best..

Lazy Sundays with you singing along

Me, with my brother feeling safe

Vinyl crackle made me feel so warm

These memories no one can take..

There was a time when we were down and out

Barbara would sing

I watched the twinkle in your eyes 

Every day without fail, love you would bring..

I lived for those afternoons with you all

Settle down, just to be

So much love I have 

Tears cloud my vision, hard to see..

Built on solid foundations 

Of who I am is down to you

Letting me be me

Painful mistakes to see me make as I grew..

No holding back, only encouragement 

Is how I remember both of you

So many smiles with laughter 

No other love as yours this true.

(©) Lyrical Life DG 2020

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