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No Longer

Foreword: My sense of humours take on my mental and physical health.

I no longer wish to reside

Or hide in its hovel

The damp and darkened rooms

Where depression begs me grovel

You ever wanna say what?

Yeah you..

What is that you've got?

Slipping into the shadows unseen

Is that what I think it is?

My lost possession aka the plot?

And whilst I have your attention

Yeah you, that's right look at me

On your way out shut the door

Don't give my regards to anxiety

I have these eyes for a reason

Even when I hate to see

A diagnosis in black and white

Of complex PTSD

What does it even mean?

After decades in the dark

Why choose me so long ago?

Reality back then more than enough..stark

And as you scuttle off

If by chance in passing

You happen to bump into all my other crap

Let them know I was laughing

Cos contrary to my own popular belief

On some days I feel less tragic

Been left out in the cold so long

I'm practically hypothermic

So if you happen to bump into

The migraines and shooting pain limbs

Tell them there's a place out back

With the rats amongst the bins.


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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