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Never Lose It All.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: This piece is written about my hopes for the world coming together during and following the current pandemic. The fear it causes and the emotions it evokes in us. But despite the unbearable loss forced upon thousands of families I have to believe in hope, for a brighter future.

With every breath We rise and fall Breathe in the meaning Of life binds us all

Together we stand Entwined we fall Fears in between us Muffle the call

A rise up of nations One world we fight Extinguish the darkness Into pure brilliant light

Arms raised in defiance Arms raised in hope Arms raised together The human race will cope

Despite overwhelming odds We have it within us With battle cry screams It will not defeat us

For we may seem laid bare Tragedy all before us Battle field carnage Smoke rising from dust

Despite the losses Together we stand tall Gaze to the heavens We'll never lose it all...

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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