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My World is the A.M.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: My poetry is a reflection of my life in words. I write about what is real to me. What is happening to me. I try to make sense of it all in verse. As a Christian writer I call on my faith to inspire my words about my every day life and at present, as this piece shows, the physical pain I am in. Meaning many an hour is spent awake in the early hours. It seems to be a creative time during the pain. Amidst it all, I still have an unwavering certainty that God is in control and is with me and for me. Despite my fears and weariness.

My world it seems is the A.M Early hours before dawn of day The silence, dark and clock tick.. Sit alone to you I say..

How have I got here? What did I miss, did I blink and miss the ride? I've missed the switch that flicked me

From normality that seems to hide..

Throb and pulse, with shoot of pain Consume my every limb Despite the fear, uncertainty You won't abandon me on a whim..

For you knew me, made me, planned me Long before my birth You chose me, know me, hold me Walk beside me when I hurt..

So yes my world is the A.M Early hours before dawn of day Still silence, still a clock tick Still the pain won't go away..

But I'm thankful for these moments Of silence and calm reflection I call to you, you hear me Know your acceptance, not rejection..

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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