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My Mum Their Christine

Foreword: Quite simply written in memory of my mum. 14.3.1946 to 7.01.2001

They broke the mould

When they made you mum

But I would say that

Being your youngest son

Your spark entered the world

14th day of March 1946

Grew into a fire

Burned out too quick

Your embers may have faded

Blown away by the winds of time

But no man nor soul

Can deny it, for a fleeting moment you were mine

My mum, my counsellor

My sparkly eyed safe harbour

Always felt loved by you

When the world put us under

A friend to so many

A light in their lives

My mum, their Christine

Oh how you adored and loved life

Two decades have passed

Since you couldn't hold on anymore

Reached the end of your road

And gently closed your life's door.

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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