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My Mind Is A Circus

The people start to gather

Drawn by the promise of a ringmasters banter

'Come see, one and all, see his mind alter'

'How a man once so strong, now weak, can falter'

'Roll up Roll up' Come take your seat

'Watch how his mind is destroyed by deciept'

'Settle in, settle down, don't be afraid'

'Join me to see how his mind has been played'

'Sit yourselves down and he'll show himself soon'

'Here please take a programme, or perhaps a balloon'?

'There's something for everyone in this macabre show'

Just wait 'till the end and feel your minds blow'

'Ladies and Gentlemen, pray silence please'

'Look above you to the procrastination trapeze'

'And now to your right, see the internal fight'

'And now to your left, see the feeling bereft'

'And now boys and girls, here comes the fun'

'Please welcome The Clowns'

'Utterly useless and feeling completely numb'

'And look, here comes the juggler of fears'

'Throwing around what's been inside for years'

'Don't worry folks if he drops a fear or two'

'He'll come and borrow some from you'

'He'll drop them in the bucket of tears'

'Extinguish them, bury them for years'

'Never fret my lovely crowd'

Escape from them, I won't ever allow'

'Alas my pretties, the show is at an end'

'I trust this darkness did not offend'

'I hope you enjoyed My Mind is A Circus'

'Where my mental health is society's surplus'


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