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Mr. Pathetically Paranoid

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: This is my take on my own pathetically paranoid mind, and how at times it can overcome logical explanations for scenarios I worry about. For example when I haven't heard from someone for a while, so this must mean they dislike me, or my mind convinces me people only tolerate me, than actually genuinely like me. I have no proof to the contrary to warrant this. However, this can still result in a visit from Mr. Pathetically Paranoid. But, usually in the end, I defeat him, and he scurried away like a scorned puppy, tail between his legs.

Pathetically paranoid Hiding in the recess Is that who I am now? With paranoid infected abscess..

Pathetically paranoid Poke him to annoy Irritate him, kick him Awoken to destroy..

Pathetically paranoid Echoes in paranoia void Thrown into dark, dank chasms My sanity to destroy..

Pathetically paranoid

Waits on the corner of unsure street For the moment when I pass by Whispers getting louder, whispering defeat..

Pathetically paranoid With his blood curdling laugh Fixes me with cold blank stare His knife in me so sharp..

Pathetically paranoid He's suddenly not so sure He sees happiness not pain on my face When from him I won't run anymore..

Pathetically paranoid Is suddenly aware He's not the only one around this place Who can fix and hold a stare..

Pathetically paranoid Whimpers at his own existence With realisation setting in That I've got more time and patience.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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