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Mind Tricks.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: This is about the stark reality of depression, and the darkness for me. How it hits me from beyond the shadows...

Confusion in the background knocks It crawls and scrapes along Disturbing pathways in my mind Right has left, all I feel is wrong

Thoughts rage through skull on violent storm The peace disturbed once more Normality destroyed by feelings torn Screams rip my brain, scare away the norm

Into the dark they scurry Drag me along by the hair Bleeding skin ripped Demons on the hurry

Bury me away, out of sight for no one to find The darkness surrounds me No flickers of light Vision faded to white point, I am blind

Numbness is all I feel I stare but don't see all in front of me I've never wanted to be more alone But never more in need

Darkest ink clouds spread throughout brain Driving straight at me Hits my face like icy rain Cower down I lay and soul bleeds

So how do I escape this hell within? Look to the heavens and I scream at him Rescue me father from things I can't see Lift me from quagmire so grim

Command my stalking demons to let me be Chain them up, lock them away Let me be free Lift me from night into day

I can't take many more hits Believe me please I'm punch drunk From all these mind tricks...

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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