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Millions of Messages

Foreword: I'm not entirely sure what this piece is about other than I wrote it following a counselling session. Subconscious emotions brought to the surface? Who knows?

Adventure of a lifetime

Shall I embark on one?

Just to find a lifeline?

Face towards the sun

Set sail above the depths of life

Hit the rocks of another tomorrow

Stranded on the island beach of strife

Waves salty taste of tears and sorrow

I write my stories in the sand

Ocean tide rolls to wash away

Illegible words I don't understand

Words of meaning hard to say

Textured and rough, patterned and mottled

Castaway feelings discarded

Millions of messages in millions of bottles

Out of sight, lost

Bottles broken open

Washed up on many a distant shore

Messages read by you I know

I'm not alone anymore

(©) Dom Giddy 2021

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