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Meant to be

My aim is not to blame me

Put myself to the see?

Not continuously seek to maim me

But ignite a spark banishing dark from me

Habitual trait of self deprecation

Overthinking the joy, guilty for feeling elation

This ain't the reality of others who know me

Got to convince my mind, believe in me

Despite my self doubting

Know I'm worthy of being this man

To be in perpetual purgatory

Was never part of lifes plan

Open that box

Rip it from Pandoras grasp

Embrace every light

As if they were my last

I have only me to offer

Complete with free gifts of faults

One thing I'd forgotten though

We all have our warts

So love the man I am meant to be

Know it's OK to not get it right

Know the joy, the kindness you see in me

Stand up again, be me again, fight


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