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Me from Me

Deconstruction regarding the construction of my previously placed plans are under way

Changing cloudscapes

I stand mouth agape

Realise another wall stands in my way

Instructions to my neurological biology

Seem to change like meteorology

Different weather, different day.

Essentially and some would say quite sensibly

Darker clouds will never show the way

Subsequently and exponentially

I try and listen to what they say

Admittedly and at times quite fittingly

The situation doesn't always suit the mood

To those who try and unstick the stuck on me

They're only trying to do some good

Insecurity is the obligatory insensitivity

And how my own cross wired mind shouts at me

Pulling down the mask over my face

More than occasionally

However the complexity of this mess inside of me,

All wrapped up in the intensity of a venomous embrace

Sometimes dark, sometimes lingering

Hides me from me

In this empty cavernous space


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