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MaSh uP.

My take on anxiety.

It's a spudless kind of mash up

An emotional extravaganza lacking extravagance

An extraordinary type of what's up?.

Buttery flies so vibrant

Snuck in under the radar across belly sea

Like a boat full of insect migrants..

Close call, I'm appalled...

Chef in the galley gone AWOL

Stomach stuck congealed and twisted

Intestinal overcooked spag bol..

There ain't no end of service for this mug Nothing clear cut or identifiable in the blood..

No postmortem revealing cause of overbreath.. to overdose on poeticly hallucinogenic bugs..

No finish line, no end of meet

Just a rug that's pulled from under my feet..

A belly full of buttery flies..

Tell lies, despise, no reprise..

Where you been..? Breathe in...

Foul breathed overflowing, and beyond the brim..

Whispering incessantly to each other

Too many to count, they smother..

Heartbeat raised, pulse will race with no.. identifiable reason to fathom..

Yet a belly full of buttery flies

So slippery and I said..

I can't even count them.

On one day none, they..

Slumber in hibernation

Onto the next day a string of them..

They poke and prod for a reaction..

It's an everything kind of mash up..

A nervous system greasy spoon..

Fed the line

Do you want chips 'n' Char with that?

Or a round of buttery flies fried up?


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