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Make The Cut?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: This piece is written about my own self doubt, my own fears. I recently auditioned for a new band. I haven't played in anger for quite a few years, so was very apprehensive about turning up to play. These words relay how this experience made me feel.

Turned up to play despite my fear Trying to ignore Incessant negative noises  Shouting in my ears.. Missed the call  To tell me how I've done How did I fare this time? Did I lose or have I won?.. Message read but no response  Have I blown my chance? Am I too desperate if I call them back? With my nerves I constantly dance.. Why do I believe my negative brain? With no evidence to the contrary  When the vibes on the night  Were nothing but complimentary.. Maybe one day I'll read the memo Rumour has it, it reads quite well I may start to believe in myself  Instead of putting myself through hell.. (©) Lyrical Life DG 2020

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