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Made Better.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: I wrote this piece as my response and feelings to the ongoing virus situation throughout the world. Despite my own human fears and anxieties, I have to believe that God is sovereign over all of it. My hopes for how our society will see itself afterwards.

Fed up of not knowing

What is going to be

Feeling like the plot is lost

Or is it only me?

To hide away behind locked door is the new norm

Lock away locked down

From unseen enemy

Ever raging storm..

It's here to stay, or so they say

Society bound to suffer

But break these binds is bound to come

Our world has had it tougher..

Give up we won't, we shan't, we can't

Whatever is to come

I know you have a hand on this

From us you'll never run..

A time will come I know not when

When everything is brighter

The noise it fades and chaos wanes

World becomes much quieter..

Will we remember what we've learned

Through quieter days together?

To love not hate for all we have

I hope society cured, made better...

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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