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Look Away.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword - I look at the world I live in, I look at the society I am within, and I think to myself, do Governments, the powers that be, really care about the world outside of their own spaces? This is my take on the powers that be around the globe.

Hiding in concrete halls they are Out of site and out of their view Expecting the world to look away they are Politics as a cover they use. Plotting and planning with hope they are Of watching civilisations fall Safe from real harm and backlashes they are Dying to laugh at hopes curtain call. Power and strength, addicted they are In suits and ties to blend in Mocking the masses world over they are They laugh as the tears keep on falling. In the shadows of ivory towers they are Ignoring tears of the oppressed. Oceans between the ignored there are Corridors of power and wealth won't attest. To the horrors played out every minute there are Each one becomes yesterday's news Watching on with horror we are The nation's powerful speak for so few The cross in the box Stood in a dusty black booth Fading away those memories to lose Voting each time with hope for change we do To have them dashed all over the news. Hoping for our fears allayed Sadly it's a cannot do Ignoring their duty they throw it away More I'd rather it were me than you. I'd scream to the powers that be that were As they deny night is night that day is day How ignorance is bliss full for them As they look away look away look away. (©) Dom Giddy 2018

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