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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: This piece is written along the continued theme of being bullied. It's written as the result of a knee jerk reaction to a wave of anger I felt when my son told me about what had been happening to him.

I'm livid at life With all it's strife Thrown at me and him Smiles day one but gone day two Try as we might Outlook grim

It lifts you up on high Then throws feelings away untied Left to blow away on the breeze Scattered beyond our reach Far and wide With no time to ease

Supposedly the strong Target the perceived they see weak Continue the chase for far too long Misinterpreting the meek To rise up against Attackers so wrong

So how do we deal with the demons? Who in corridors lurk Who think nothing of their throw away words Spill out of their mouths Along with physical pain, and the hurt

The aftermath of their actions unseen On own perceived toughness they lean Thrust and thrown into it hurled Like frightened dogs they curl Are unveiled in a much crueler world

Like those they sought, only ending up troubled

But where will they be? Once cruelness uncovered? Proud of their actions will they be? I think ashamed into the light once discovered It's better to be good than be mean..

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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