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Lemon Cliché

Life gives you lemons

And you're supposed to make lemonade

My question...

Does it make me a miserable git?

If today my Soda Stream is knackered

Ain't no refreshing beverage being made from it..

Keep on smiling, tomorrow's another day

There's plenty worse off than me

I tell you one thing gratis, free of charge

I ain't laughing, it ain't very..

Well, you know...funny..

Plenty more fish in the sea to find

Apparently it is what it is, to most

Those happy sods those mindfulness minds

Does my nut in..

Oh how they like to...


Find your solace your inner peace

Be at one with your inner self

Sit and listen as apparently you'll hear

The secret to purer mental wealth...

Think outside the box, no pain no gain

Challenge the zone of your comfort

Smile resolute and be polite

Don't speak before a...


Rise above be better than 'them'

Don't stoop down to their level

Do me a flavour, stop pulling my chain..

Ferel part of my brain secretly thinks..

Can't I just clobber 'em wiv a shovel?

I know I ain't been the best example

I ain't always been the best behaved

But no one ever died from what I've done

So why is it those who've done far worse than me..

Seem to be having all the fun?

But I'm still standing

At least that's what Elton says

And I'm still moving on

One foot in front of the other

With my back pack full of clichés

Flipping don't 'alf weigh a tonne...

Yes I've made the occasional wrong choices

In the past got it sensationally wrong

Could have ended up down dark roads

If common sense hadn't walloped me gong...

But I'll tell you one fing for nuffin'

Think I'll have a change..

Escape for a bit..

They say it's as good as rest..

I won't charge you a flipping penny..

I'm checking into a suitably affordable hotel

Just like a chilled out Lenny Henry.


Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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